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Order Filling

AutoPICK™ is a revolutionary approach to light directed manual order filling. Designed to eliminate the common problems of typical push-button pick-to-light designs, AutoPICK™ incorporates a patented infrared sensor to detect the picker's hand when they enter a pick location. A picker needs to focus only on picking order items and is not bogged down with reading paper lists or pushing buttons to verify a pick. The absence of push buttons improves picking productivity and eliminates repetitive motion. In addition to indicating which items and the quantity of the item to pick for an order, the system also prevents the picker from selecting items that are not in the order by visually and audibly alerting the picker if they reach into a wrong location.

AutoPICK™ order filling technology will optimize your manual order picking process by mistake proofing each operation and improving the efficiency of your picking/putting process. AutoPICK™ is an economical way to manually fill conventional or e-commerce orders, pick parts for kits or subassemblies, or sort parts.

  Features and Benefits

  • Order information down loaded from customer's operation management system
  • Optional LCD panel can indicate an order number or customer for a double-check
  • Automatic verification of correct pick
  • Reduces employee training times
  • Designed to attach to the Track Systems, Inc. family of gravity flow racks or can be retrofitted to your existing equipment
  • Includes software tool kit with easy to use point and click programs for system zone and location set-ups, maintenance and diagnostics
  • Requires no maintenance schedule
  • Free software support for one year and two year warranty on all hardware components
  • Modular components allow for scalable system
  • Solid state sensor design eliminates moving parts
  • Optional equipment includes scanners, monitors, etc.
  • Accommodates a variety of bin sizes
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